23 Apr 2015

htc m9 sense 7 camera for all devices[5.0/5.1]

As of now, everything works on the camera except Zoe. Having installed the camera app from the One M9, you would be able to enjoy it even before those who would buy the phone after a month. So, it’s going to be pretty exclusive experience!
Though I have tested the mod on my Nexus 5, I wanted to check the responses of a few more people. before you proceed, here’re some prerequisites you must have before flashing the M9 Camera port.


  • A rooted device with TWRP Recovery installed.
  • KK (not tested) or Lollipop based AOSP or CM ROM.
  • Make sure you have 90MB free system space available on the device.

How to Install

If you have been using an AOSP or CyanogenMod ROM on your phone, you probably won’t need instructions on flashing a Zip. Still, I am providing some quick steps.
  1. Download both the Zip files from above and copy them to your phone.
  2. Reboot your device to CWM/TWRP recovery.
  3. First of all, create a backup of your ROM as precaution.
  4. Select the Install option, navigate to HTC One M9 camera Port and flash it.
  5. Then also install the resolution patch file the same way.
  6. Wipe cache.
  7. Return to the main menu and reboot the device.
  8. and in the end like this page and follow me on google plus
  9. thank you


20 Apr 2015

HTC M9 APPS for all

   HTC One M9 Home Launcher, Keyboard,

Gallery, Music Player Apps and Widgets

  • HTC One M9 Home Launcher
  • HTC BlinkFeed
  • HTC Weather
  • HTC Keyboard
  • HTC Gallery
  • HTC Music Player
  • HTC Video Player
  • HTC Clock
  • HTC Voice Recorder
  • HTC File Manager
  • HTC Widgets: WiFi, Hotspot, GPS, Screen Timeout, Screen Brightness, Background Data, Auto Rotate.


  • A rooted Android device with a custom recovery.
  • KitKat or Lollipop based ROM
  • Approximately 150 MB free space on system.

  • Download the ported apps in flashable Zip
  • Copy the file to your device.
  • Reboot into CWM/TWRP/PhilZ Recovery.
  • Create a backup of your ROM using the Backup option.
  • Now the Install option, navigate to and select it.
  • Confirm installation and wait until it’s flashed.
  • Finally, reboot your device




19 Apr 2015

introducing PREMIUM™ ROM SERIES [coming soon]

PREMIUM™ ROM is based on the stock roms which brings stability,speed as well as customizations.

It’s another option for the billion Android users out there. Android (vs. iOS and every other mobile OS) has thrived on options as well as the gigantic, talented development community that has emerged to build those options. That’s the beauty of Android – that you can pick and choose from a smorgasbord of devices with varying features and functionality.We also recognise how people use Custom ROMs – we’re all custom ROM users and developers ourselves

Team uphold innovative, efficient, beautiful, simple guidelines to simplify the system content and improve the user experience. Giving users simple and efficient to ensure smooth operation experience. 

Team believes that mobile phones should be a fitting auxiliary product life, rather than integration of numerous high-tech features in one, but never without access to these features of high-tech display products. Before the advent of smart home is no real age, blindly piling feature on the phone, UI will become too complicated and bloated. Phone system should be back to nature, back to the user a real phone. So, throughout the system, you do not see any flashy features, there is only what you need, and you needed. 



8 Apr 2015

cm12/cm12.1 themes collection

206 Free Themes 



[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Material [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blacked Out [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Slimmed Dark Material [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Slimmed Blacked Out [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Azura [Chummy Development - nicholaschum]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Dark Orange [Chummy Development - Fahad Ali Javed]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Dark Indigo [Chummy Development - Fahad Ali Javed]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Dark Red [Chummy Development - Khizar]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Dark Blue [Chummy Development - Khizar]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Light Blue [Chummy Development - Khizar]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Blue [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Red [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Green [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim GoogleGray [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Purple [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Cocoa Brown [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Teal [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Pink [R3Ds]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Nephilim Amber [R3Ds]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Green [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Cyan [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Purple [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Holo [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Blue [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Red [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban Gold [nofx161]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Urban PasteLime [nofx161]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Black [vikasb32]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Green [vikasb32]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Red [vikasb32]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Blue [vikasb32]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Purple [vikasb32]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Dark Blue [vikasb32]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Dark Green [vikasb32]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight [Tazzkiller]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Alizarin [Tazzkiller]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Amethyst [Tazzkiller]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Carrot [Tazzkiller]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Lunar [Tazzkiller]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight River [Tazzkiller]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Flat Midnight Sky [Tazzkiller]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Infamous [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Black [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pink [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Purple [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Java [Infamous Productions]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Espresso [Infamous Productions]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Darkness [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Semi-Trans [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Orange Blue [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Water [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Purple [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cyanpiness [singharts]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Circle Stock [singharts]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Turquoise [No Name]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark R Color [No Name]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Orange Minimal Dark [No Name]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] RediRose [No Name]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Salt N' Pepper [No Name]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] No Name [No Name]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Purple Material Design [xdagee]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XDA Golden Edition [xdagee]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] y'ELL [xdagee]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Glo Light [xdagee]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Half Life [xdagee]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PS [xdagee]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Hurricane [Siddhésh Patil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rust [Siddhésh Patil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Saturn [Siddhésh Patil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dragonfly [Siddhésh Patil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Damselfly [Siddhésh Patil]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark F Material [bulletproof136]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Light F Material [bulletproof136]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XperiaPOP Light [bulletproof136]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] XperiaPOP Dark [bulletproof136]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Lynx [CD Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elixir [CD Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Alchemy [CD Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dioptase [CD Team]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Darker Green [Grasshopper239]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Darker Red [Grasshopper239]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tenebris [Grasshopper239]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Crimson White & Indigo [Grasshopper239]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mianogen [tung91]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Holo Sense 6 [tung91]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia [tung91]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] G3 Lollipop [tung91]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tiger Eyes [thoughtlesskyle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gemini [thoughtlesskyle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red Eye [thoughtlesskyle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Roam [thoughtlesskyle]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Green [Wartle.S]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Blue [Wartle.S]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Teal [Wartle.S]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Gold [Wartle.S]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Morphiz [Gustavo F. Santos]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vault [Gustavo F. Santos]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vault MMB [Gustavo F. Santos] NEW
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Corner UI [Gustavo F. Santos] NEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Teal [Libby Z]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Tangerine [Libby Z]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OnePlus [Libby Z]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo [93Akkord]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo Red [93Akkord]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Holo Green [93Akkord]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Flat [xIC-MACIx]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Emerald [xIC-MACIx]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gem Ruby [xIC-MACIx]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elixium UI [Zyxxeil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Zyxx UI [Zyxxeil]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Milos UI [Zyxxeil]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DeepDarkness [moelle]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DeepDarkness Dotted ADDON [moelle] NEW
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lucky [moelle]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Quantum Material [Quarttz Impress]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Mind [Quarttz Impress]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CM12/RR/LS Red [Neel World]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CM12/RR/LS Cyan [Neel World]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Monisious [@ssasin.monish]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BloodyRed Night [@ssasin.monish]

[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] Dark Grey with Red [T-Rex]
[XXX/XX/X/H/*/*] Material Mustard [T-Rex]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] CYANide [markbencze]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Hydra [markbencze]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Jolly B&W [Madhusudan Rankawat]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Jolly Blue [Madhusudan Rankawat]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elegance Aqua [Elegance Team]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Elegance Bordeaux [Elegance Team]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Accents [lacoursiere18]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dappled [lacoursiere18]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blak Azure [cerj]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blu X [cerj]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] TouchWiz Style [Damian Pieczyrak]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 6 [Damian Pieczyrak]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MaterialX Lime [Varun Date]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MaterialX Blue [Varun Date]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] 3Minit [pas2001]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red&Gold [pas2001]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Neon Colors [NITIN VAID]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Fire [NITIN VAID]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] REBEL Droid [Bakumatsu]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gray Wolf [Bakumatsu]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Slimified [Fahad Ali Javed]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] AquaMarine [Fahad Ali Javed]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Blue Ice [JohnMcW Apps]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] J Theme Transmogrifier [JohnMcW Apps]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Rozetked [AmirG4]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cosmos [AmirG4]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Simple Dark Cyan [Simbilli Dev]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Fresh Theme [Simbilli Dev]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Material Red & Yellow [Aswath Kumar]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Virtue [Aswath Kumar]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] GreenPop [Douglas Gomes]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] RedPop [Douglas Gomes] NEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Galaxy S6 Touchwiz [Mouaz Kaadan]
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xperia Z4 Lollipop [Mouaz Kaadan] NEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BlueUI [rohitbeing2709] NEW
[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SpiWeb [rohitbeing2709] NEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Glass [asdfasdfvful]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Zenith [m.i.n.a.r.]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MiniMaterial [eurochild_dps]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Material Everywhere [sonnysekhon]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Aurum [ven93]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Pure Flattice [Gallardo994]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Color [huunam0241]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Next Blue [Ivan Botty]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Zeed [FreakeSport]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FloatAction [Tylenol]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Imperial Red [Dan Wright]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Euphoria Dark [blazze11]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Vogella [sopu446]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blarette [Blinqdroid]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark and Blue [wii360]


[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Colors Material [Droid Chef]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Oz UI [OldestBlackStone]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] BluCon [sam0829]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Deep Purple [s85mario]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Gradient [Random]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] DarkSide [BotsOne Labs]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SolidAlpha [Kohlewrrk]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Blue Matte [B16H22]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Voltare [Hug Bear Studio]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Froggy [Boudaya Mohamed Amine]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Cyanide Black & Blue [rogersb11]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] FirePop [Primokorn]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Xeus Twilight [SEVEN]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lazy Dark [CriGio]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] PitchBlack DarkRed [Altan KRK (westcrip)]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Yuxor [Birds-Software Apps & Games]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Opposite Colours [TechnoStuff]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Side of Lollipop [franzyroy & side]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Playful Flat [ronnie-steelheart]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Eros [Dana Davis]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Relax BETA [Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] OS Dark Fusion [MicroApk]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] SQR [IAmReinvented]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Orion Purple [AYSMAG]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Skylime [Andrea Panico]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Green In White [ProjectNDZ]

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Sense 7 [Nguyen Anh Nguyen] NEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Lamborghini [streetu] NEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] MaterialPinkX [sssomnath474] NEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Red and Black [sud.vastav] NEW

[XXX/XX/X/*/*/*] Dark Green [Blackball] NEW