How to get onscreen buttons on any rooted android phone(SIMPLE)

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<1>android phone
<3>any root explorer(es file explorer,root explorer etc)

Step1- Install ‘ Root explorer ’ from Play store.
Step 2- Open Root Explorer and allow Super user acess
Step 3-In Root Explorer, open the Device (/) directory from Menu > Local > Device. Go to system folder and open the build.prop file with RB text Editor Or any other Editor
Step 4- Edit the file by selecting the edit option from top right corner. Then scroll down to the bottom and add the line qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 at the last.
Step 5 - Go back and select ‘Yes’ to save the build.prop file.
Step 6- Reboot your phone 


to disable on screen buttons
remove the added line"qemu.hw.mainkeys=0" from buid.prop save buid.prop