htc gallery(latest) for all 4.4+ phones

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descriptionHTC Gallery offers you a range of fast, easy ways to review your photos and videos. Search for images containing a similar person with Image Match, sort your images by day, month or year using the Timeline View and find photos taken at a particular place using the point-of-interest location search.
You can also browse your photos and videos saved online with the built-in Cloud Gallery. Just connect your Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr and Google Drive accounts to see your favorite memories in one convenient place. There’s no need to worry about filling your phone’s storage space because Cloud Gallery only uses space-saving thumbnail images for browsing. You can choose to download the full-size photo or video from the cloud anytime. Using this feature doesn’t upload your local content to your online accounts.
If you’re feeling slightly silly, check out the Face Fusion photo editor. It lets you blend the features of two faces together to create an entirely new person. Try blending your best selfie with a snapshot of a celebrity.

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